[BEST BUDS] Metal Rolling Tray - Zkittlez Small


Small But Definitely Mighty
Just like the delectable Zkittlez strain depicted on it, this tray is worthy of multiple awards because it is packed to the brim with unique features.

Your search for a top notch tray is over because this product has everything smokers could want in a simple rolling tray. With its dimensions of 14 x 18 x 1.5cm, this product could efficiently serve as a travel tray, following customers wherever they go. And the weight will not be an issue because these beauties weigh a meagre 0.094kg, making them easy to carry.

Somehow, its petite nature still doesn’t get in the way of this tray doing its job. It is made from sturdy metal, allowing your customers to roll their tobacco without worrying about the tray tipping over easily. Its dimensions may be small, but it is still big enough for customers to roll without hassle.

Make Every Bud Count
Rolling trays are designed for two primary reasons. To make rolling easier and to reduce waste. And this tray meets the demand.
The raised edges of this tray ensure that your customer’s herbs are kept safe within the tray and away from the many dirty surfaces that could contaminate them. It also has rounded corners that allow customers to scoop all their herbs and clean out the tray.

With all these benefits, you can be assured that this product will sell out instantly. Buy our wholesale Zkittlez Medium Small Rolling Tray at affordable prices today.

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