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Our last line of CANNABIDIOL vapeing cartridges (CBD) is infused at the Terpenes of Chem Dawg. Our Pen vape was designed for this type of extract and makes it possible to obtain a vapor as dense as rich in flavor.

The passion for the plant and its virtues brought us towards a quest for perfection in our line of products.

We thus use our latest innovation in CBD Broadspectrum to take advantage of all the molecules that the plant has to offer.

Our distillate contains a wide spectrum of cannabinoids: 65% CBD - 15% CBG -3% CBDV - 17% of other cannabinoids for a total of 100% cannabinoids.

No solvent or diluting product is used.

Sold with battery and USB charger.

GMP certified distillate, ISO.

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CHF 25.00

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